Toddler and Under Fives Program

Turning Point Tots

Recommended for toddlers and preschoolers between 18 months and 4 years, the magical world of Turning Point Tots is the perfect place to explore music and movement for boys and girls alike.

During this 30 minute class, children participate with their parent or carer. The use of colourful props lend a tactile component to their movement education, and songs, rhymes and rhythm games are also used to enhance the childrens' experience in addition to a variety of music styles. 

A uniform is not required for this class, and children can wear a costume or comfortable clothing with socks or bare feet. Why not dress up as your favourite character while you twist and twirl?

Contact us now to take a spin! 


Children over the age of 2.5 are usually ready for a more structured class and independent learning. Kinderballet is the perfect transition from Fairies Galore and more by introducing the child to the fundamentals of classical ballet technique with a lively and joyful approach. Students are encouraged to part with their carer for this 45 minute class while they encounter a "real ballet experience"!

We understand that every child is different and we are happy to discuss your child's learning needs. Transition to Kinderballet can be made when your child is ready.

Children enrolled in Tots or Kinderballet classes do not take part in examinations, but are encouraged, as are all Turning Point Dance students, to participate in our end of year concert. Our Junior Ballet performance is always a well loved narrative that children take delight in every year. The ballet is choreographed in such a way that all students are visible for the vast majority of the performance. This is not only so they can be seen by families for the longest possible time, but also so they can gain the important onstage experience while being inspired and mentored by senior students. Performance fees are built into the term fees and a small costume contribution is added each term as we understand all families have many end of year expenses.

Pre-Primary Ballet

This is the first of our graded ballet levels and one students can commence once they turn five (or earlier at the discretion of their teacher). More formal again in structure, this class still employs the use of props and lively music to engage and energise the student. In Pre-Primary, students are taught more technical concepts cleverly bound into short, manageable exercises that children can easily practice at home. This level offers the students an opportunity to take part in a "presentation class" during RAD examination season in August. The children are not assessed, but are asked to present their work to an examiner in the presence of their usual teacher under less formal conditions than that of an examination. An excellent preparation for a student interested in pursuing ballet further.

Please see our Thebarton and Salisbury timetables for details - classes are being added all the time.

Day Care and Preschool Dance Programs

Know a childcare centre, kindergarten or preschool who are looking to add movement or dance sessions to their weekly schedule? Turning Point Dance already offers classes at several daycare centres catering for both 2 year olds and 3-6 year olds. We understand that families are often overcommitted on weekends and after school, especially with the extra curricular activities of multiple children so why not suggest the addition of Turning Point Dance classes to your child's childcare centre, kindergarten or even OSHC's weekly program?