In partnership with Thebarton Senior College, we offer full time vocational training with tailored year 10, 11 and 12 studies for those who wish to complete their SACE with a dance focus.

Certificate II and Certificate III in Dance with a view to providing Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching (each 1 day per week) will also be offered in conjunction with the College. Each of the Certificate Programs will be a full day per week commitment.

Certificate III in Dance is available from 2019.

practical classes

We cover classes in Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Flamenco, Jazz, Tap, Pas De Deux, Repertoire, and Composition as well as conditioning classes such as Pilates and Limber. During practical training our students will master the concepts of anatomy and kinesiology, safe dance practices, stage craft and design, stage make up and costume design, dance analysis and criticism and career skills. Students are trained, mentored and supported by fully qualified and experienced teachers with opportunities provided to work with guest tutors and artists. We encourage all students to see professional work often and strive to provide ticketing information and special offers to students where possible.


Please use the contact form below to request detailed information regarding the subjects and areas of competency covered for each program. Thebarton Senior College will work closely with individual students to tailor secondary study options that can suit students with a variety of academic backgrounds and aspirations. We aim to produce students who have not only achieved excellence in dance training, but also those who can look forward to numerous options in employment and tertiary entry.



At Turning Point, all your practical dance classes will be accommodated at the Dancers Lab - our beautifully appointed premises in Thebarton. Featuring three studios complete with sprung wooden and tarkett covered flooring, mirrors and barres, The Dancers Lab is the perfect venue for a quality dance-focused education. Other facilities include a Green Room complete with lockers and a kitchen area, toilet and shower facilities, wireless internet, access to pilates and other training equipment and a dedicated study room for SACE and other theory subjects.

contact hours

The Vocational School is equivalent to a school day plus extra practical contact hours and at least two half-days reserved for classroom work at Thebarton Senior College campus. On average a full-time vocational school student can expect to be training or studying from 8.45am to 8pm for 5.5 days out of the week.


Entry requirements differ from course to course, however we do require a minimum dance experience standard for entry into our full time program. Entry by audition into any of our programs is possible at the discretion of the principal. Please use the below contact form for more information and one of our staff members will be happy to speak to you personally.


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