Ballet for Boys

At Turning Point Dance we take pride in knowing that there is a difference in the way classical ballet ought to be introduced and taught to male dancers. 

While boys must master the same technique as their female counterparts, there are many subtle (and not so subtle)  distinctions between their ideal movement styles.

From the concepts of posture, stance and arm positioning right through to the finer points of the classical ballet etiquette expected of boys, Turning Point Dance is proud of the quality and authenticity of our training.

In order to produce the finest example of male grace, strength and "ballón" or elevation, a number of training techniques are employed and very specific exercises recommended.

Turning Point Dance not only offers a boys only class, suitable for all ages and abilities, but also a variety of classes including limber and pilates which are designed to enhance their weekly training.

Taught by a male teacher with careful attention and input from principal Michelle Hofmann, these classes place an emphasis on teaching boys to move in a masculine way, as well as introducing them to steps that are specific to male dancers. Boys need to attend their regular technique classes to derive any benefit from this class.