Student Dress and Conduct

  • Students are to be dressed in street clothes, including footwear upon arrival and departure. Leotards, tights and dance shoes of any kind should not be worn outside the studio.

  • Jeans, denim, skirts, dresses, or street attire are not to be worn in jazz classes. Students must wear dance appropriate clothing.

  • A student will also offer an apology to teachers or office staff (in advance when possible) if they will be absent from a class and to inform of any prolonged absences with reasonable notice.

  • If unavoidably late for class or rehearsal and joining a class that has already commenced, students should apologise briefly to the teacher and avoid interrupting further.

  • Students should wear a clean full uniform at all classes, hair in a neat bun and appropriate footwear with tucked in ribbons as appropriate. No underwear should show at all, please purchase dance underwear. Normal bras, and briefs are not appropriate. Personal hygiene and cleanliness are important aspects of a students general health and well being and should be observed.


All difficulties and complaints should be brought to the attention of the principal. An appointment can be made  to discuss issues and concerns as the time before or after class is not suitable. All complaints regarding venue, student behaviour, safety issues or timetabling should be addressed privately by contacting the principal.

  • Parents and visitors should refrain from airing grievances or complaints while waiting on studio premises. TPD staff members are only too happy to make arrangements to meet and discuss any feedback in a professional setting.

  • Photography, filming, and recording devices, are not permitted to be used in studios or waiting areas. The school has obtained individual photo authorities from parents and care-givers for use in social media and promotion but this does not extend to all. If you would like to photograph you own child please organise this with staff at an appropriate time.

  • Turning Point Dance does not encourage students undertaking classes at other studios in addition to those offered at TPD unless reasonable efforts have been made to trial comparable classes/styles at TPD (at least one term). After this period, if a student would still like to undertake classes elsewhere, approval to trial dual training facilities is at the discretion of the principal and it would be appreciated if an appointment could be made prior to that decision to discuss this. These same restrictions apply to auditions and participation in external extension programs, youth companies or other dance performance programs. While complementary, physical art forms (such as gymnastics) do not fall under these guidelines, consultation with the principal is always appreciated in order to offer families ideal timetabling and the best training program possible and to ensure the best possible success in exam and performance preparation.

  • Fees are to be paid by the due dates, or payment arrangements are to be made with our finance department where this isn’t possible. Classes are not refundable, and while make up classes are not standard, they can be arranged at the principals discretion.

  • As a courtesy to administration, notification should be provided by the final week of the preceding term or a cancellation fee will apply. Fees, including partial terms are non-refundable.

  • Parents should familiarise themselves with all policies before entering into an enrolment agreement with Turning Point Dance. TPD will not be held responsible for financial grievances that arise from not being mindful of policies regarding enrolment terms and fees due including any charges or penalties applicable.


If you are a fully enrolled student we assume that you will be participating in the annual performance and all Turning Point Dance students are encouraged to do so. As students of a performing arts discipline, we see that participating in a live performance experience makes sense and enables the student to fully appreciate and celebrate their hard work over the year.

Performance fees are included in Term Fees and are non-refundable. Costume Club payments must be made in instalments each term with a minimum of $100 per costume / class required. If for some reason you cannot attend or will not be fulfilling your commitment through to the end of the year we ask that you make these decisions early and inform staff by the 1st week of term 3.

In order for students to feel confident on stage and to make the experience a memorable one they will be required to attend all studio rehearsals and all theatre rehearsals. 

The Senior Ballet is open to students who are in grade five and above and attend all required ballet classes. Senior students will rehearse in class time as well as Saturdays until 5.30 pm and Sunday afternoons until 5 pm.

A workshop will be held in the second week of the October school holidays.

All full dress rehearsals at the theatre are particularly important and are compulsory. Whilst at the theatre students are not allowed into the front of house (public areas) or into the foyer of the theatre when dressed in their costumes.

Due to security and for the safety of all children only the designated volunteers will be able to assist during rehearsals and will have back stage passes. All other parents will need to drop their child/children at the stage door, where they must be signed in and signed out. All adults assisting back stage MUST have a current police Clearance as this is required by law. NO ALCOHOL is permitted to be consumed back stage or in the dressing rooms under any circumstances.

Students are not to eat or drink, in their costumes or in dressing rooms. 

Each family will be required to purchase a minimum of 4 tickets to the performance which will be invoiced in Term Four.

The performance will be professionally filmed and photographed DVD’s and photos are available for purchase.


All students are encouraged to take advantage of examinations offered in the ACB Ballet (Australian Conservatoire of Ballet), RAD Ballet (Royal Academy of Dance) and CSTD Tap (Commonwealth Society Teachers of Dancing).

Examination fees are set by the Examining Body and Turning Point Dance does not profit from the fees charged but does need to recover the administration costs as well as flights, transport, accommodation and pianist fees(when required).

Students must attend the required classes and workshops. 

Students will be required to attend a mock exam and will be charged a minimal fee to cover the cost. 


Students are all permitted to take part in competitions but must be working towards examinations and attending the required classes. Competition Solos, Duos and Trios are taught in private lessons and must be organised through Turning Point Dance office. Please do not arrange private lessons directly with the teacher.


Dancing is a strenuous activity from which injuries could arise. Turning Point Dance management, staff and teachers are not liable for personal injuries, or loss of, or damage to personal property.

Student may decline to participate in any activity. Teachers are to be informed prior to class or rehearsal of any physical limitations that may affect your ability to participate. If you are in doubt as to your physical abilities, please see a physician before commencing classes. Turning Point Dance cannot dispense medication.

Participants understand and agree to the Turning Point Dance policies. Participants release and hold harmless Turning Point Dance and its teachers for any claims, losses, and suits.