Turning Point Dance is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all participants in classes, workshops and performances. We strive to provide the highest standard of training and support at all times. We aim to equip all students with the many skills that dance has to offer and enrich them as a performing artist and as a person of the wider world.

Please see our Studio Guidelines for expanded definitions of expectations and requirements of behaviour, dress code and more.

TPD students and participants have a right to:

  • access water while in class or during rehearsals.

  • participate in a safe environment

  • be treated in a respectful and courteous manner by other participants and staff

  • have their privacy and sense of personal space respected.

  • work in an environment free of all forms of bullying.

  • learn the appropriate syllabus and class content

  • take advantage of the opportunities offered in classes.

TPD students and participants have a responsibility to:

  • respect the schools property.

  • be punctual to all classes.

  • moderate their language and conversation around fellow students and teachers.

  • apply themselves in all classes, including practicing and remembering their choreography.

  • respect the privacy and space of other students.

  • follow all grooming requirements of Turning Point Dance.

  • approach TPD staff with any special needs or concerns related to their dance practice.

  • approach TPD staff with any experiences of any form of bullying or harassment.

TPD parents and carers have a right to

  • wait in a positive, supportive and encouraging environment.

  • be treated with respect and courtesy by TPD staff

  • have access to TPD policies when requested.

  • know that TPD has assessed the suitability of staff to work with children.

  • expect appropriate privacy of personal information.

  • expect proper permissions have been sought in terms of their child’s digital image.

  • communicate with staff and management and receive feedback on their child’s progress.

  • access to appropriate, informed and healthy guidance with regards to healthy eating and body image issues.

TPD parents and carers have a responsibility to

  • Read all paperwork thoroughly and agree to all terms of enrolment.

  • Pay all fees and charges by the due dates, or make all reasonable efforts for alternate arrangements

  • notify TPD of any prolonged absences ahead of time.

  • provide written notification if discontinuing classes prior to the end of term or paid enrolment period.

  • provide correct contact information

  • notify TPD of any bullying behaviour amongst students or participants

  • inform TPD of any mental or physical health considerations that their child may have and submit a Medical Action Plan if applicable

  • provide written consent if they wish their child to leave the building for pick up, drop off, or to purchase a meal etc.

  • assist their children in meeting the Turning Point Dance grooming requirements by providing them with the appropriate attire and footwear, and assisting them in maintaining grooming standards as set our in the Studio Guidelines.

  • confirm the appropriateness of any solo and competition tutus and costumes that have been purchased or hired.

TPD staff members have a right to:

  • expect cooperation and courtesy from students, parents and other staff

  • teach classes and rehearsals free from harassment and in a safe environment

  • have their professional qualifications recognised and respected

  • to receive professional development and feedback from senior TPD staff and management

  • to leave a a class or rehearsal at the hour to which they have been contracted.

TPD staff members have a responsibility to:

  • ensure that students are given the opportunity to learn in a safe and secure environment.

  • use positive and respectful language when teaching and give constructive feedback to all students, impartially and without prejudice.

  • be punctual and prepared for their classes.

  • maintain appropriate teacher-student relationships

  • promote body positive messages by modelling good choices in nutrition, language and behaviour whilst working or in the company of Turning Point Dance Students and Parents.

  • dress in appropriate teaching attire including shoes and clothing suitable for clear demonstration.