For students who are looking for entry into dance as a potential career from teaching to choreography and performance, we offer a more intensive and focused pathway to vocational dance and related studies right from 8 years of age.


For eager students grade two level and above (8 years and over) wanting to establish strong foundations in ballet and challenge themselves by taking exams. Class sizes are limited to 12 students for focused and aspiring young dancers. This audition-only pathway will prepare young bodies and minds for a bright future.


Held on two afternoons per week, highly motivated and passionate students seeking additional training to prepare for a future in dance can attend extension classes with an emphasis on technique, body conditioning and performance. Limited to small class sizes to offer the best possible training for students aged 9 years and above. 

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Certificate II and Certificate III in Dance with a view to providing Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching (each 1 day per week) will also be offered in conjunction with the College.

Certificate III in Dance is available from 2019.


SACE Dance Stage One is offered to students currently in Year 10 as well as Year 11. Students can complete a Year 12 subject in Year 11. Students who have the opportunity to do SACE Dance through a private school have a more disciplined learning environment, small class size and access to all forms of dance enabling them to achieve a high mark in this subject

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