Bird In Hand Wine Fundraiser!

In order to ensure we are able to continue to provide high-quality teaching, facilities and experiences for our students at an affordable cost for families, Turning Point Dance undertakes a number of fundraising initiatives each year. 

This Spring we will be holding our first WINE FUNDRAISER with generous sponsorship from Bird in Hand Winery.  This means that for a limited time you can support the school by purchasing great wines at great prices!

Download your order form today at and don’t forget to let your friends and colleagues know about this limited opportunity! 

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Vocational Program

In partnership with Thebarton Senior College, Turning Point Dance has created a completely unique course in South Australia which includes Vocational Full-time Dance training, academic studies years 10 -12 and Certificates 2 & 3 in Dance. This course will appeal to students with a variety of academic backgrounds and aspirations. We aim to produce students who have achieved excellence in dance training while looking forward to numerous options in employment and tertiary entry.

Full-time Vocational Training available for students from year 10 and above
Part-time classical training available for students from 11 - 13 years old one or two days per week.

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Dance for all Ages!

“Ballet fit” and “Barre” classes that draw influences from ballet among many other physical disciplines are in vogue right now but it’s nice to see some adults going in for the real ballet experience.

As Ben Harvy of the Northern Messenger writes, the graceful art form of ballet has been a passion of Julie Sleep’s family since her eldest daughter was three. Julie had danced before having her first child, and when she had completed her family and returned to dance, both her girls wanted to join in. 

She is great inspiration for both her daughters Arya, who is in Kinderballet with fellow 3 - 5 year olds plus Junior Jazz and Tap, and Nadia who takes Grade 4 Ballet as well as Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Limber.

Julie is committed to improving her dance practice and also takes Limber and Pilates classes at our studio. 

Read the full story here.

Turning Point Dance offers classes for all ages and experiences, and we are pleased to be introducing adult tap classes in Term 2 while our beginners adult ballet and contemporary continue to flourish. For the little ones, our full timetable can be found here, and we are delighted to be offering our Fairies and Kinderballet classes now on a Friday morning! 

Enquire now about our Term 2 fee offers and fee discounts*! 

*conditions apply

 (AAP Image/Russell Millard)

(AAP Image/Russell Millard)

The Unexpected Benefits of Preschool Dance (read on for a Special Offer)!

The advantages of dance for preschoolers go beyond just the physical. While a child who regularly attends dance class specifically designed for under fives will be rewarded with improved posture, balance, coordination and gross motor skills, some of the most important benefits for children can be seen in the way they learn to relate to others.

At 2 years old, a child is able to start identifying body parts, are listening better than a year before, and can remember two things at a time which can form the basis for following simple instructions (“pick up the ball and bring it to me”). This is the perfect time for them to be engaging in an activity such as a Kinderballet (or preschool dance) class. While a child of this age is generally not yet able or willing to share or “take turns”, a social setting with other children that includes movement with engaging, age-appropriate music can encourage a child to more easily transition to that phase normally reached by 3 years old. They are likely to get used to listening to information from a teacher or parent more quickly and have awareness of and empathy for their fellow classmates, even if they are not ready to join in with other children’s activities. 

Other milestones that can be gently coaxed along with the assistance of a weekly dance class include an understanding of simple structures such as straight lines and circles, the concept of ‘stop’ and ‘start’ and being able to incorporate the imagination or ‘storytelling’ into play. 

By 3-4 years old, a child will start to work cooperatively with other children, and the dance class, with it’s clear yet flexible structure, is an ideal environment to guide a child into these social settings. Many parents have cited that, for the child not yet participating in formal child care or preschool settings, the introduction of dance class to the child’s routine seems a logical and natural decision. The child will start to more easily separate from their parent or care-giver, paving the way for them to be more interested in new found skills and to make other personal connections.

While any dance class should follow a set routine to appropriately warm up and challenge the body and mind, a good teacher will recognise that all children develop differently and at their own pace. Look for smaller class sizes which enable the teacher to get to know each student, their boundaries, strengths and behaviours. An experienced teacher who is passionate about dance education with toddlers to preschool age children will know the benefits of repetition, will not cover too many concepts in one class, and will encourage children to do their best with non-competitive and inclusive language. 

While preschool dance will undoubtedly be teaching the child the fundamentals of dance in a fun and engaging manner, the aim at this age isn’t to teach technique or create stars but to encourage the natural skills and interests of the child and to prepare them for future challenges. Remember, the proof of success lies not in the demonstration class at the end of term or the yearly concert but in the way the child delights in telling their latest dance class adventures and their anticipation of the next one. 

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Why do these children dance at Turning Point?

For some it’s enjoyment

Others want to build confidence and make friends

and one wanted to become a ballerina

Whatever your child’s ambitions, at Turning Point Dance, we believe that all children have potential. 

See it celebrated and realised with dance tuition that focuses on both quality and fun.

Leave your details on our contact page to get six classes for $60!

Enrol for Term two and receive 50% off fees.

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Exciting things are afoot as we continue discussions with Thebarton Senior College. In addition to our proposed full time vocational training course with Tailored year 10, 11 and 12 studies for those who wish to complete their SACE with a dance focus we are also thrilled to announce our intention to offer a Certificate 2 in Dance (1 day per week) with the College.

For interested students and parents, for 2018 and beyond, we are coordinating an information session here at the Dancers Lab with the Principal of the College, Eva Kannis-Torry and the Assistant Principal of curriculum Keri Fisher. These highly qualified educational professionals are working closely with us to tailor the curriculum for the programs and are as excited as we are to begin offering these options for students wishing to take their dance training to the next level without undermining their secondary education. There are endless options for those students keen on a career path in dance, as well as those students who want to keep soaring in their training but want to keep other options open for tertiary study. With Thebarton Senior College, anything is possible, and staff are prepared to help you with all your queries!

Stay tuned for the date and time of this information session.

This is part of the new direction of TPD and the Dancers Lab and we would like to see as many parents and students attend as possible, whether you are interested for 2017 and beyond or just curious about what the future holds for the school.


Dance your way to SACE!


We are thrilled to be in discussions with Thebarton Senior College to offer Full-time and Part-Time Vocational Training Programs here at the Dancers Lab starting in 2018!

Students from year 10 to year 12 looking for career pathways in dance and dance education are able to combine a full-time dance program with their schooling, tailored to suit the needs of the individual student.

This is a program for dedicated dance students with an emphasis on Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance that also provides appropriate and versatile curriculum options with relevant pathways for tertiary entry.

Classes in Ballet, Contemporary, Body Conditioning, Pilates, Pas de deux, Flamenco and Music with electives in Musical Theatre, Jazz and Tap also available.

NO MORE LOGISTICAL HEADACHES!  All students' dance practice and secondary education needs are taken care of with us.

Thebarton Senior College will conduct an Information night in Term 3 for prospective students and parents. Please register your interest NOW (no obligation) so we can formalise this date ASAP.


Presenting our first School Holiday Program at our Thebarton studios!

A fun filled kids program in creative movement, Jazz, Singing and Drama has been designed for your child to express their inner star! A variety of enrolment options are available over this three day workshop and children who complete all three days can present an informal showing to family on the final day.

The program runs on April 26, 27 and 29 and enrolments are open to children aged 5 - 12yrs. Costs are varied based on full or partial enrolments. Enquire now!