Examinations set a defined goal for the students to achieve every year. Exams provide students with a challenge, which in turn teaches students commitment and dedication. Exams also assist both teachers and parents to assess the progress of a student.

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)

The Royal Academy of Dance was established in London in 1920 to improve standards and reinvigorate dance teaching. The R.A.D. is now the largest dance (ballet) education training organisation in the world.

Australian Conservatoire of Ballet (ACB)

The Australian Conservatoire of Ballet (A.C.B.) training program is based on the Russian Method. Former Australian Ballet Principal Artist Christine Walsh adapted the existing eight year Vaganova method into a 12 year training and examination program. Ballet students can study this program from 5 years of age as part time students. The ACB program is designed to suit the needs of classical ballet students who are unable to study full-time dance training from an early age. The ACB training and examination Program aims to train ballet students holistically, through the development of a strong stable technique with beauty of line, artistic quality and expressiveness, and a professional attitude.


Modern, Jazz and Tap C.S.T.D. is an International Dance Society that was established in 1933 and offers examinations in all main disciplines of dance.

SACE Dance

Offered to students from year 10 level.