Exciting things are afoot as we continue discussions with Thebarton Senior College. In addition to our proposed full time vocational training course with Tailored year 10, 11 and 12 studies for those who wish to complete their SACE with a dance focus we are also thrilled to announce our intention to offer a Certificate 2 in Dance (1 day per week) with the College.

For interested students and parents, for 2018 and beyond, we are coordinating an information session here at the Dancers Lab with the Principal of the College, Eva Kannis-Torry and the Assistant Principal of curriculum Keri Fisher. These highly qualified educational professionals are working closely with us to tailor the curriculum for the programs and are as excited as we are to begin offering these options for students wishing to take their dance training to the next level without undermining their secondary education. There are endless options for those students keen on a career path in dance, as well as those students who want to keep soaring in their training but want to keep other options open for tertiary study. With Thebarton Senior College, anything is possible, and staff are prepared to help you with all your queries!

Stay tuned for the date and time of this information session.

This is part of the new direction of TPD and the Dancers Lab and we would like to see as many parents and students attend as possible, whether you are interested for 2017 and beyond or just curious about what the future holds for the school.