Dance for all Ages!

“Ballet fit” and “Barre” classes that draw influences from ballet among many other physical disciplines are in vogue right now but it’s nice to see some adults going in for the real ballet experience.

As Ben Harvy of the Northern Messenger writes, the graceful art form of ballet has been a passion of Julie Sleep’s family since her eldest daughter was three. Julie had danced before having her first child, and when she had completed her family and returned to dance, both her girls wanted to join in. 

She is great inspiration for both her daughters Arya, who is in Kinderballet with fellow 3 - 5 year olds plus Junior Jazz and Tap, and Nadia who takes Grade 4 Ballet as well as Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Limber.

Julie is committed to improving her dance practice and also takes Limber and Pilates classes at our studio. 

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Turning Point Dance offers classes for all ages and experiences, and we are pleased to be introducing adult tap classes in Term 2 while our beginners adult ballet and contemporary continue to flourish. For the little ones, our full timetable can be found here, and we are delighted to be offering our Fairies and Kinderballet classes now on a Friday morning! 

Enquire now about our Term 2 fee offers and fee discounts*! 

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(AAP Image/Russell Millard)

(AAP Image/Russell Millard)